Pregnant and in need of housing?

camylla-battani-dz8g0IxEqh0-unsplash (1)We would love to help you find a maternity home that is able to help meet your needs.

A maternity home is a safe refuge for you to dream and prepare for your future and the future of your child.

Please call Option Line at 800-712-4357 or use the chat box to speak to someone.

What is a maternity home?

  • A place to prepare and flourish
  • A positive environment to pursue your goals
  • A peaceful setting to think deeply

Over 400 maternity housing programs exist in the United States, opening their doors to pregnant women in need of support. Each home is unique but they share a common mission of creating a residential environment to support pregnant women.


"Being surrounded by women that would never live the way I had but in no way ever passed judgment was key for me. I was not condemned for my past. It made me feel like I still had a place in society. The requirements to stay busy whether it be work, school, meetings, chores, counseling -- all played a key role in helping me get focused again."

| Jo lived in a home while pregnant with her son.

"I thank God for the staff at the home because they believed in me when no one else did. They pushed me that extra step when no one else would."

| Dominique completed high school and began a nursing program while at a maternity home.